La Misión

Por qué elegirnos

We empower workers from the most vulnerable sectors who believe in effort and perseverance as a form of growth, we create job opportunities and promote the value of the circular economy and recycling habits; that is the reason for our existence.

Our mission is to strengthen values and practices in society and, in effect, play an active role in the growth of the city, both in economic matters and in sustainable education.


This is materialized in concrete actions such as eliminating garbage, transforming it into valuable products and obtaining profits through extrusion technology, in which plastic is co-processed together with waste from the rice and wood industry (sawdust) to generate «plastic wood». .

This product has an infinite number of uses in daily life, and ranges from making decks, benches, chairs, tables, to ceiling panels.

Through citizen participation and public and private institutions, an active role will be generated in the provision of our raw material. These associations will be not only as suppliers, but also as final customers.

The plastics will be collected by secondary routes to those originally proposed by the current collection system of the city , with the aim that the raw material preserves its quality and is usable as much as possible.